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2020 Corporate Identity Renewal

Integrated Branding

Red Dog Culture House 2020 Corporate Identity Renewal

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Red Dog Culture House is a South Korean 2D animation studio. Having done animations for the Netflix animated series ‘Love, Death & Robots’, they are growing into a creative studio oriented towards providing not only animation services, but comics, content publishing, and other services as well. In order to differentiate themselves as a leading subculture company with new core values beyond the Red Dog Culture House known by fans at home and abroad, they proceeded with an integrated rebranding project.
Red Dog Culture House's original logo of the letters R, C, and H was difficult to identity as the intended shape of a dog. Furthermore, with a lack of a brand guideline, the brand logo was carelessly applied, and so a complete overhaul of the brand identity along with the development of a new logo that could consistently display the character and personality that only Red Dog Culture House could bring was deemed necessary.

Our Solution

The words 'Red dog', 'Culture', 'House' were the keywords which we utilized to develop the brand concept and image. 'Red Dog' is an effective symbol to represent the brand as an intuitive and strong motif. For 'Culture' (subculture)' which represents the brand concept and core values, we utilized a unconstrained method of expression of character, not a formulaic shape, to express the image of subculture. 'House' represents the collection of stories that gather all these remarkable artists together, and is the place where each artist can bring their own Ideas and drawings to life.
The new logo of a curious and outrageous dog character was developed to be used for application as a symbol mark that emphasized a sense of familiarity and personality, while omitting the details of the animal to allow for full customization by the artists. The Red Dog symbol mark and harmoniously fitting atypical typeface convey the image of a unrestrained animation studio with character. Utilizing the studio artist's ideas and drawings the create their own 'red dog' on business cards, badges, and other company items was enthusiastically received. This created a brand identity that increased a sense of belonging and pride for the artists of the studio.

In collaboration with Eidetic Global Alliance, Studio-H.I.M.